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    Impairment due to mental illness, substance use disorders or medical problems are often a treatable problem.

    Treatment benefits and protects the licensee, the general public and the community.

  • Dual Role

    The HPRP aims to protect the public and support the health professional in recovery. Where these interests compete, decisions must be made on the side of protecting public safety first.

  • Monitoring

    Participants in the HPRP are assigned a case manager who clarifies, supports and encourages the participant to follow their monitoring agreement. Participants are monitored to ensure compliance with any drug testing, treatment, support groups and documentation specified in the monitoring agreement.


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18 Apr

Types of Referrals

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Self-Referral Another Licensed Health Professional State of Michigan referral
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20 Jan

48 Hour Process

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Licensee has 24 hours to respond to the letter and an additional 24 hours to schedule their phone intake...
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20 Jan


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Due to the nature of the impairment and the potential for impact on the public health and safety, the...
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20 Jan


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20 Jan


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Public Health Code

  • By other health professionals who have a reasonable cause to believe that the health professional may have an impairment that adversely affects that professional?s ability to practice in a safe and competent manner (Does not apply to clinical relationships)
  • By a health professional who has a drinking and driving offense
  • By health care facilities that have taken disciplinary action against a health professional based on competence or a change in employment status or which adversely affects clinical privileges for more than 15 days

Mental Disorder

Over 20% of adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.

Substance Use Disorder

10% of full-time employees in the US work force 18 and older have a substance use disorder.

Treatable Conditions

Substance use disorders and mental health disorders are treatable conditions.

Alternative to Disciplinary Action

The program offers an alternative to disciplinary action through the health professional?s licensing board.


The program provides licensed health professionals confidential means to get the assistance they need.

Remain Employed

The program provides health care facilities the ability to employ and retain highly qualified and skilled professionals while assured an impairment is being treated and monitored effectively.

Not Immune

Health care professionals are not immune to substance use and/or mental health disorders

Do No Harm

The program encourages health professionals to seek treatment for substance use and/or mental health disorders before their impairment harms a patient or damages their careers.

Long-Term Recovery

A monitoring agreement between the HPRP and a health professional supports long-term recovery while ensuring safety to the public.