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The HPRP evaluator is an HPRP paneled treatment provider who has fulfilled the HPRP training requirement to complete HPRP evaluations.

These evaluations are used to determine eligibility of licensees to participate in the program. Following a telephonic intake appointment, the HPRP intake manager will provide the licensee with up to 3 referrals from which to choose an HPRP evaluator. These referrals are determined by many factors specific to that particular licensee?s circumstances. Only the HPRP intake manager overseeing the intake process for that licensee, can refer to HPRP evaluators. Evaluations conducted without a referral from the HPRP cannot be accepted.

If you are not an HPRP evaluator and would like to apply, or have forgotten your user name and password, please contact the HPRP at 800-453-3784.


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