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Worksite Monitor

Worksite Monitor

A worksite monitor is a person who works at the worksite with the licensee, usually a supervisor, who knows the licensee?s history and involvement in the HPRP and has contact with the licensee at least 2 times per week.

The worksite monitor must agree to provide quarterly reports to the HPRP regarding the licensee?s work performance and report any concerns about the licensee?s behavior, appearance or possible relapse to the HPRP. This person can also serve as a source of additional support to the licensee. The worksite monitor cannot be someone who reports to the licensee, an active HPRP participant, family member or a close friend.

If you are not an HPRP worksite monitor and would like to apply, or have forgotten your user name and password, please contact the HPRP at 800-453-3784.

The WSM Handbook can be downloaded from the pdf download section.

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